I graduated from the Canadian Electrolysis College in 1987. After graduating from this 500 hour course I became a member of the Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Association and the Association of Professional Electrologists of British Columbia.

I am a Certified Professional Electrologist. (C.P.E.) which is a designation allowing me to practice electrolysis throughout Canada. I am also a Registered Electrologist (R.E.), meaning I am a member of the local electrolysis association " The Association of Professional Electrologists of B.C. " (T.A.P.E.B.C.).

I actively serve on T.A.P.E.B.C.'s examining board and have done so for several years. I helped co-ordinate many of their yearly conventions and I believe in continuing my education by attending these events. My primary service is electrolysis, allowing me to directly market my services to people seeking an experienced full-time electrologist.